The European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU) strongly supports and promotes the annual Young Planners Workshop. One of its central objectives is to bring young planning professionals together from different parts of Europe. By doing so, participants experience in a very direct way how different viewpoints and approaches of different planning cultures can bring on a variety of solutions to specific planning issues. The Working Group creates intensive Networking, but is above all designed for learning on the spot by discussing and valorizing input from many young professionals. A variety of methods, instruments and techniques relevant for spatial planning is presented during
the workshop; this way, participants experience the relevance and dynamics of spatial planning as it is implemented in different cities and regions throughout Europe. By tackling real planning projects, the planning professionals can contribute to real improvements of our environment, our social condition and our economy. The added value the spatial planner can offer is definitely the integrative approach by visualizing the consequences different sectorial decisions can have on the spatial development of a specific place.
This year’s Working Group focused on e-governance and spatial planning decision making. At the 11th Biennial in Dublin, titled ‘Making cities work, Technology in planning practice’, the call for proposals led to a wide range of submissions from many different parts of Europe. It is because of this enthusiastic response that the 2015 event became a big success with the plenary presentation of the Young Planners Workshop at the Biennial as a highlight. The Working group pursued their discussions after the Biennial, reaching the conclusions that are presented in this e-book.
Let me recommend the e-book to all - young and older - spatial planners, members of the ECTP-CEU member associations throughout Europe, not only to inform themselves on the topic and the approach by different teams, but also to encourage young planners to partake in the 2016 Young Planners Workshop event.
Finally, let me conclude by thanking Ignacio Peman, member of the ECTPCEU Executive Committee and representative delegate from the Spanish
association AETU, who not only initiated the young planner’s workshop, but is the untiring promotor and organizer of the working group, as well as final editor of this e-book. Muchas Gracias!

Joris Scheers
ECTP-CEU President
January 2016
ebook YP2015 1