Over the past few years, SOPHIE has accumulated evidence regarding the influence of social and economic policies on the health of the population and on social inequalities in health. At the same time, SOPHIE has shown how equity-oriented policies can ameliorate these health inequalities. These studies can help public health and social justice advocates build a strong case for fairer social and economic policies.

The document contains:

Urban planning impacts health

  • Social and functional mix, density and accessibility matter when it comes to mortality and mental health
  • Urban renewal: positive impact on self-reported health, no impact on road safety
  • Urban renewal can stimulate healthy behaviours
  • Policy implications
  • References

Housing policies can reduce health inequalities

  • In Europe, housing conditions related to fuel poverty are unevenly distributed and affect health
  • Housing insulation for fuel-poor households can improve health
  • Access to secure and adequate housing can improve health
  • Policy implications


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