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The Spatial Planning Milestones

Spatial Planning Milestones
The Spatial Planning Milestones is a brief rank of events, books, congresses, plans, declarations, principles and concepts that contributed to Spatial Planning and to the quality of life in Europe. The biggest American Spatial Planning Milestones are also included. Its purpose is to give a global idea of Spatial Planning´s evolution from 1700, including major historical events, such as discoveries, new technologies, major social and political upgrades, global crises and wars. It also provides with an idea about which major problem defined each period and how spatial planning contributed to the solution. We focused milestones in the mainstream and also those that where considered importante only some decades after.
This website includes the Spatial Planning Milestones, the Main Milestones of each Decade and the Great Milestones of the Century. The possibility to access another website with more detailed information on each Spatial Planning Milestone’s will soon be made available. Feel free to contribute to the Spatial Planning Milestones, in one of three ways: a) by answering to the inquiry about the Main or the Great Milestones; b) and/or by proposing new ones to be added; c) by suggesting improvements on existing ones.

This project aims to organize in timeline main facts and events that contributed greatly to spatial planning, from the beginning of the first Industrial Revolution until now. You can propose one or more facts and events: books, congresses, plans, projects, papers, new laws, new policies, new cities, public works, etc.
This project was coordinated by João Pereira Teixeira [former President 2009-2011 and vice-president 2011-2013 of the European Council of Spatial Planners] and developed with the contribution of a vast number of experts from public administration, universities, spatial planning consultancy and corporative associations. The outcome is therefore their merit.
Future contributions are very welcome and we thank you in advance.

We thank you for your cooperation.
João Pereira Teixeira
Nuno Ventura Bento

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